Starting from your organisation's challenges, we implement effective solutions together, based on proven concepts and approaches.
From professional development trainings to team-building workshops and leadership development, the courses are divided into the following areas:

Time management

The Time Management programme is aimed at all employees who want to achieve better results and regain time for what is important to them.

Active listening

Active listening is an important communication skill that involves paying close attention to what the listener is saying, understanding the message being conveyed and giving appropriate feedback.

Diversity and Inclusion

This introductory training in diversity and inclusion is designed to give participants a fundamental understanding of the importance and benefits of diversity in the workplace.

Change Management Mindset

Change is the only constant, and the ability to best manage this process is specific to those who want to grow and develop, as well as understand the ecosystem of "resistance to change".

Manage Feedback

Manage Feedback Training equips participants with the mindset and tools to give and receive constructive feedback, essential to developing healthy working relationships and achieving optimal results.

Feedback Tools

The Feedback Tools program enhances employees' abilities to give and receive feedback, promoting a culture of effective feedback for increased performance and transparent communication progress.

STAR Manager

STAR Manager focuses on developing the leadership skills essential to creating and maintaining a motivated, high-performing team, giving managers the tools and mindset needed for success.


STAR Team training focuses on developing positive attitude and accountability among employees, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and achieving common goals for organizational success.

Radio Communication

This training focuses on improving communication by deactivating the "inner radio" and applying the concepts of Communication Profiles and Assertiveness to increase productivity and collaboration.

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