Action & Reaction

Construction programs
20 - 100
1/2 day
Outdoor / Indoor

Nothing compares to the sense of satisfaction we have when completing a complex team project that has an important stake and which is apparently – very challenging. We want to facilitate such a moment by challenging your team to Action and Reaction!

The purpose of this program is to build a complex chain reaction system by combining some fragments. This feedback system will have to support the induced pulse of an object that has to cross the system board from point A to point B.

We complicate a bit the task, adding the challenge of effective team communication, the proper management of resources, and the ability to find innovative joint solutions for the segments. The participants will be divided into teams and will receive a kit with various materials needed for the construction of the cascade system (beams, levers, blocks of various sizes from various materials, as well as an guiding sketch for the desirable outcome).

Each team will have an equal share of the final product, and teamwork and communication will inevitably become key success factors in this building exercise in a limited time. Together, the participants will initially create a common strategy that will need to be carefully implemented by each team later on.

Action and Reaction simulates the situation often encountered in the reality of the business environment, where the achievement of a complex objective depends entirely on individual or departmental efforts, but also on fulfilling them within the proposed deadline. Debriefing will be structured and facilitated by such a nature as to highlight all these elements, vital to the healthy functioning of a team.

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