Leaders Bootcamp

Cooperative programs
1 day

Through a one-day intense training concept, as a true boot camp, the participants will discover how important each member’s contribution to the team’s ultimate success is. They will go through a series of tests, divided into teams whereby each member will have in turn, the role of the leader. Within the team, one representative for each workshop in the program will be appointed, trained by Ecoxtrem trainers, who will become “specialist” at a particular workshop at the end of the day. He/she will be finally responsible for guiding his/her colleagues during the respective workshop. The success of the entire team depends on his/her ability to motivate and train the teammates to pass the trial of the workshop, wherein the representative has specialized.

Team communication, team decision-making and strategic thinking are essential in training and achieving performance for each team. The Leaders Boot Camp circuit will stimulate the efficient division of responsibilities within the team, facilitating a different leadership experience for each member.

In the first part of the day, Ecoxtrem trainers will share their experience and train each leader – representative within dynamic workshops such as archery, relay race, unconventional weapons, coordination exercises and effective teamwork.

In the second part of the day, we launch a challenge full of adrenaline and fun – going through a beautiful rafting route that will test the strength of the teams in search of new adventures.

Navigating on the Buzau or Jiu River, the teams will enjoy fresh mountain air and will need the coordination and assumption of individual responsibility that leads the team to success.

We end the day by a debriefing that will summarize concepts such as team communication, team decision making, leadership skills discovered during the activities.

Join our Leaders Boot Camp and boost the leadership potential of your team!

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