Ecoxtrem was one of the partners who helped us in 2017 to organize and implement the final teambuilding of Euromaster Romania. The event brought together about 250 people and took place at the Palace of Parliament.
Throughout the organizing process, the teambuilding consultant gave us the support and flexibility we needed to make a memorable event.
We are glad that we discovered reliable and professional partners in the Ecoxtrem team, which we can rely on to organize successful events.

Gabriela Degeratu, EBS Training and Events Manager

We wanted a partner to provide us integrated services: event management (space/venue rent, dish and catering, transportation) and teambuilding and organizational development services. Ecoxtrem was named provider for this event as a result of an auction process involving two other service providers.
The 4 events we had them as partners gave me the opportunity to meet them and to define as long-lasting, highly inventive partners for whom the “win-win” phrase is a value applied in the relation with each client in part. “

Veronica Olteanu, Internal Communication & Organizational Development Specialist

We have had the pleasure of running several teambuilding events performed by Ecoxtrem Consulting and over the years it has demonstrated us that is a trusted partner, offering quality services, proving professionalism and commitment to each event .

Nicoleta Pantea, HR Manager

We started collaborating with Ecoxtrem since 2011, this being a real support in organizing the most successful teambuilding activities for our company. My colleagues expressed their desire to do something different every year. As a result, together with Iulian and his team, we were able to set up programs appropriate to their wishes, proof being the positive comments, greetings received and the appreciation of the DP World Constanta team.

Monica Nisipeanu, Human Resources Analyst

We started working with Ecoxtrem in 2014 to organize teambuilding events at E.ON Romania, Christmas parties, and employee meetings. During this period (2014-2017), we had about 20 events and a number of about 2,000 employees benefited from Ecoxtrem’s programs.
Ecoxtrem has always exceeded our expectations: starting with the initial discussions, briefing of the event, actual delivery, as well as the activities post event. Ecoxtrem trainers are more than passionate about their job, demonstrate impeccable training and integrity and I do not hesitate saying that they always put the customer on the first place!

Alexandra Dinescu, Executive Assistant of General Director

In 2017, Ecoxtrem was our choice for organizing our annual Team Building Event. Their concept and approach to the offer stage have clearly differentiated them from the rest of the proposals and we have been very happy with our choice ever since. They have taken every step of the way, from the initial pitch to the final delivery, with professional efficiency and valuable advice and guidance. The event was built for a multi-cultural team of 120 employees, with various back-grounds and diverse profiles.

Catalina Dinescu, Schneider Electric Romania

Ecoxtrem has always proved much professionalism, always giving us support in organizing events, coming up with a lot of great ideas and giving us the best solutions in organizing them, so that each event would be different from the previous ones and as much suited to the proposed themes.

Gina Cotiga, Sales Assistant

In the 5 years since we worked together, the Ecoxtrem team has always proven professionalism, providing us with all the support in making the best choices and solutions for organizing ther adequate teambuilding for Chimpex.

Filis Inan, Asistent Director

Huawei C&SI would like to send you a big THANK YOU for the wonderful teambuilding you offered us on March 31st at Palatul Stirbey.
Everyone is so excited about the whole event. It was wonderful.
Your trainers did a great job in engaging everyone of us in exciting team activities.
Also, the pictures you’ve made are great!

Luo Gang, Team Leader

We thank you for your involvement and the professionalism you have shown in organizing the teambuilding and during its performance. Although at the beginning we were reluctant, being the first event of its kind for the Imtech team, we all felt great, we were able to achieve our goals, to improve communication and cooperation, in a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Ana Maria Popescu, HR Manager

Humangest began working with Ecoxtrem in the autumn of 2013. I can say for sure that we have excellent collaboration! They have always responded promptly to our demands in record time. They provided us with optimal and efficient solutions! A team of professionals, a trusted partner and very ‘client-oriented’! We definitely recommend Ecoxtrem for a long-term collaboration!

Simona Simion, Human Resources Manager

First of all, I want to thank you for your professionalism. It was a great event, everyone felt good and we will definitely collaborate in the future. We enjoyed the activities we performed during the program together with the Ecoxtrem team.

Mihaela Stanescu, Sales Manager

Ecoxtrem is a professional team; highly trained trainers who know how to train people and create a pleasant, fun atmosphere. On the organizational side you have shown flexibility, proactively coming to meet our needs and desires with ingenious ideas and solutions. In addition to Ecoxtrem we had, by far, the most successful event of 2014.

Claudia Stancu

We express our appreciation, thanks and all the consideration to the Ecoxtrem team, who offered us everything we have requested, from the beginning of our collaboration. We appreciate the quality, the respect and, above all, the professionalism that you prove. Thank you Dragos, Teo, Vlad , Adi, Iulian and Bogdan!

Alina Cretu, Sales Manager

The Ecoxtrem team offered us a very special event, with many essential elements of a team: collaboration, learning, coordination, overcoming barriers, fun and good mood. We appreciate the involvement, passion and professionalism of the trainers who have made a major contribution to the success of our team building. Thanks, Ecoxtrem! We are eager to organize the next event together!

Anca Stefania Costin, Training Programs Analyst

In my modest opinion, it was a fantastic team building event. The day with Ecoxtrem was the highlight. The preparation, the warming up, and the 9 exercised (from low to very high adrenaline, but with security and safety accordingly), were simply the best. From making water filters, timed racing with compass to pendulum acrobats. It was magic. Also the timing was perfect, letting enough time for people to share experiences and getting to know each other better.

I would give a standing ovation to Ecoxtrem (Dragos and his team) and to our HR organizers.

To improve would be to eliminate the police radar on the way home

Super atmosphere, perfect balance between fun, learning (both technical and getting to know the colleagues better), and adrenaline.

Thank you!

Bob De Man, Executive Director at Raiffeisen Bank Romania, Head of Change Management & Security

Professionalism, trust, attention to detail, flexibility, these are just a few important ingredients for me when I’m looking for a partnership. If we add the customer’s need, we already build the ideal formula for a successful one. You, the Ecoxtrem team have these ingredients and not only.
This year, with you, we had the biggest challenge so far, organizing a team building of 350 persons.
Together, we managed to build a customized event, tailored to the needs of the company. It was not easy to do, but Dragos managed to give me the peace and confidence that the whole event will work well and together we can overcome any obstacle that may arise. And guess what – even that happened, along with you, we offered a memorable event to everyone.
I want to thank you once again this way and I warmly recommend to anyone who wants to have a team building in the true sense of the word.
Keep in touch, 2018 is close! “


A 10 mark event, with the trainers involved and always with a smile on the lips, which makes a huge difference in creating an atmosphere conducive to communication and teamwork! I recommend the Movie Makers program to any tense team, who wants to achieve a guaranteed cohesive and collaborative effect in just one day! The “fun” component has reached the highest levels in this program! Thanks Ecoxtrem!

Cristina Golea, Training Coordinator

We will definitely ask every year for organizing teambuilding with Ecoxtrem. Our colleagues were very excited about all the activities, although we did not expect that, we were pleasantly surprised.

Alexandra Paviliuc, Assistant Manager

Professionalism, involvement and creativity. All of this we enjoyed with Ecoxtrem in a well-established event that managed to achieve its goals. We hope to work together in the future.

Florin Picu, Department Manager

As usual, everything worked wonderful!  Although it was a teambuilding organized in a very short time, the communication with Ecoxtrem was irreproachable. We realized we were a strong team, even stronger than we thought, and that we were able to be even stronger, are more confident, and we target more important goals. Ecoxtrem are very cool, they made us discover places and monuments in Brasov I did not hear before and which I certainly would not have found without them. I am once again convinced that one’s attitude and personal way of seeing things can help one get everything.

Gina Iordan, HR Manager

As feedback, we can say that we enjoyed very much the atmosphere and the diversified activities, so that each of us was able to choose to do what he/she liked. Campfire was once again a good time in which we could have socialized with all our colleagues. Some of my colleagues even told me it was the most successful teambuilding they’ve ever attended.

Gherghief Alexandra, Office Administrator

Your team scored 10 for the entire design and organization of the route, but also for the safety it was able to provide and transmit during our exercises. The only objection … that day passed too fast, as time passes when you do something with enthusiasm and pleasure.

Mihaela Cosma, Maersk

It was an original weekend in which we had fun and all our skills were challenged, three days in which we discovered not only one another, but we mostly discovered ourselves. We have demonstrated that we have the skills needed to form an original group, willing to “win” the heights for the team unity. Anyway, we were and we will be winners, and with the EcoXtrem team support we did incredible things. Thanks for your organization, originality and professionalism

ING Bank, Customer Contact Center

A very successful event from all points of view. Thanks to Ecoxtrem for professionalism and commitment. We will definitely re-call your services with the first occasion.

Marian Seitan, Manager

Show and professionalism. If at the beginning the team told me “only you could choose this”, namely a toy machine-building program, at the end, everyone asked me “where did you find them?” Because we want to have an open mind for the coming year, maybe we build airplanes as you will surely find the solution to fly.

Mirela Serban, Owner R&M Audit

The teambuilding performed together with Ecoxtrem people was one of the most successful experiences we have organized and participated in. The whole team appreciated the team’s professionalism and involvement. They were with us from the beginning to the end and they easily integrated with the group and its “specific” elements. The whole event was WOW! 🙂

Diana Stoica, HR Coordinator

It was a beautiful experience that challenged our communication and coordination skills. Thanks for the games you designed, especially for karaoke and sumo, they were the funniest. We appreciate the professionalism and commitment you have shown.

Catalin Georgescu, Tactical Purchasing

I managed to escape! The “Escape from Alcatraz” program has achieved its goals. And the chosen location, Stana Regala, is wonderful. I’m glad we selected you to organize our teambuilding. You have shown professionalism and commitment! See you!

Tatiana Chiviriga, Project Assistant

With the support of Ecoxtrem trainers, we discovered features that were “hidden”: creativity, imagination, much humor and, above all, the pleasure of working together. Thanks for the shortest 4 hours spent together 🙂

Cristina Gheorghe, Service Delivery Team Lead

Thanks ECOXTREM for the exceptional experience you have given us through the games you have designed! The program you proposed was dynamic, charming and original, very exciting and educative.

Madalin Dumitru, General Manager

Do challenge your senses! It changes your entire perspective.

Alina Ionita

This year, our choice was also the Ecoxtrem team and certainly no other company would have been able to deliver a program so successful and well received among our participants, but also of a high qualit, at the same time. They thought about all aspects and assisted us in organizing the event to the smallest details, and on the field, each team member was dedicated and carefully coordinated to our groups of participants.

Alina Stoleac

It was a successful event with the help of the Ecoxtrem team. We built cars in the “Race” competition and then competed with those cars. Everyone was very involved, and at the end, the initial goals: teamwork, identifying decision-making leaders, and last but not least, the desire that everyone to feel good, was fully achieved. I appreciate the involvement of the trainers, the advanced communication skills, as well as the flexibility shown before and after the event. I’m sure we’ll work together in the future

Adriana Vlad

We really enjoyed the event. We had a good time and we had good memories, I hope we will continue to work together in the future.

Simona Gaina, Marketing Manager

The professionalism and the training level of the trainers made us feel comfortable and safe throughout the event, even if some activities were carried out at a considerable height. Another important aspect that every client wants, is communication-related and here I am pleased to point out that throughout the Teambuilding organizing period, we had a prompt and effective communication. Thanks again, to the Ecoxreme team!

Viorica Stoian, HR Consultant

Dear ones, We want to thank you for the wonderful weekend spent together in Sibiu. Since the members of the MediaCom team have known each other for a long time, the idea of ​​teambuilding was not unfamiliar to us, having recorded many such events and being not just open to classical activities. So together we designed a wonderful program that combined the idea of ​​city break in Sibiu with the concept of exploring the mountains at Paltinis and party all night long. And yet, we didn’t believe we could have done so many wonderful things together. Dear ones, it was an exceptional weekend and we want to thank you and we only have to wish to see you well at the next event. We give you a kind hug, the Mediacom Team


Great experience and great team. The guys acted very professional and they were very friendly. It was very easy to work and have fun together. The activities we had were well chosen and it involved everyone, and that is a very good thing. I would gladly repeat the experience and strongly recommend them to anyone else who wants to have fun as a team outdoors.

Ionut Cadar

Absolutely all the participants were excited, and the final prize had a super effect. We thank you very much for the organization and we want to maintain the same collaboration with you in future years.

Razvan Bolborici, Team Leader IT Database Administration

It’s amazing how funny and seemingly simple games can say so many things about a team, but what’s incredible is how these games can consolidate a team. Thank you and we appreciate the professionalism, originality and commitment you have shown.

Echipa Midocar Consulting

Thank you for the excellent organization and coordination of 125 people, for whom you prepared a dynamic, original and captivating program. We are glad that we worked together and we wish you good luck in the future.

Bianca Alice Olariu, PR & Communication

This was a long expected outing, based on a very intriguing idea. Everything was thought of to the smallest detail. Thanks for the originality and for the organizing skills!

Tamas Gianina, Vodafone Romania

We are absolutely excited about the weekend program, both from the point of view of your organization and also for the way the action took place. We liked Dragos’s funny approach, yet responsible. You’ve behaved super, including with the smallest and most shy team members, and you cooperate very well to make things happen smoothly. The cherry on the cake was the Saturday evening with Vlad playing guitar and we thank you for your involvement and professional behavior related to the weekend event


What does a perfect weekend mean? In the mountains, with the EcoXtreme Teambuilding team, plus a dose of extreme activities to discover and exceed your limits, unlimited portions of good mood, optimism and fun. An unforgettable experience to be repeated!

Iulia Marchitan, Assistant Manager

It was a great experience, the exercises being very well adapted so that all the team members were able participate in them. A day when adventure, logic, strategy, and coordination have made us feel good and act as a whole, as a real team. Mark 10 for trainers from our part! We will definitely see you again!

Echipa Fixed Network and Data Development Vodafone

Thanks to the open framework and to the dynamic and innovative activities, the program conceived together with Ecoxtrem managed to unite the entire team, eliminating the existing barriers. Thank you

Alexandra Ionita, Generalist Resurse Umane

ECOXTREM – Adrenaline, fun, courage, coordination, trust, team spirit? Thank you for all these moments when we learned to cooperate, to feel good together, to be united, and that confirm us that we were “in good hands!”

Quark Motors

From the beginning I thought I knew my team. The truth was somewhere in the middle because during the 2 days spent together, I was also amazed, I discovered the unseen side of some of them (positive or not), but much more successful because, in the end, the big gain is ours, for all of us: team cohesion complemented by a competitive and winning spirit. But what I think that gave the final scoring of this teambuilding was the question of my colleagues at the end of the 2 days: When will the next similar activity be? I think this was largely due to the Ecoxtrem trainers team who helped us to know each other better, through the developed programs, and to experience a collaboration in a different form than we used to , to discover ourselves as a team.

Echipa Fiatest

Thanks for your support and involvement, and I hope you will determine more companies into greening campaigns. We did something, this thing matters. We hope to continue, we hope that the involvement of Eneria, our colleagues, will become a tradition.

Magda Albu, Human Resources Analyst

It was a great experience, full of charm and sporting that challenged our physical ability and our team spirit. Casino Royale’s evening, through gambling and the atmosphere created by the costumes and accessories of the times when they were forbidden, brought that theatrical air that made us behave and feel different than in the reality of every day. Everything was organized and led by a group of professional trainers, but we could have seen that beyond the professionalism, there was the pleasure and passion of working with people by being together with them. Thank you for everything!

Daniela Dochita, HR Manager

Thanks Ecoxtrem for the Capra event. You are a strong, open, spontaneous and very flexible team. My colleagues were very excited and to my surprise there were no negative comments. The adventure park was a success. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Magda Albu, Human Resources Analyst

Thanks for the games designed by you, that were interesting and kept the team spirit awake. At the same time, the karaoke evening was really enjoyable, it seems that from now on, some karaoke at a next event will be a must.

Andreea Dan, Terminal Assistant Administration

A weekend in which we learned to be a team with a smile on our lips. Excellent organization!

Denisa Rotaru, Vodafone Romania

We have crossed the boundaries of our daily existence (office, glass walls, monitor) and escaped outdoors in a gorgeous mountain scenery alongside the EcoXtrem team, extremely friendly people, with special human and professional qualities, which led even the most refractory of us to enjoy the moments of this teambuilding. A special atmosphere, a challenge for each of us, an unforgettable experience!


Our unanimous opinion, within the company, was that you did your job very well, the proof being the pictures already posted on facebook by colleagues with the bow or the fortress, and some people still talk about falling down in the game with the lance. Finally, everyone felt good, the recipe was successful.

Nicolae MOLDOVAN, Support & Services Team Leader

You adapted the exercises very well, at an average level where all colleagues may participate, regardless of age, sex, weight, physical condition, you also were and are showing the professionalism, flexibility and particularly, adaptability. We thank you for joining us and making us feel good, have fun and discover each other.

Mihaela Mazarache, Public Relationship and Communication

We felt really good and found the idea very enjoyable. And moreover, it even stayed within the framework of a teambuilding. When divided in teams, I met with people in the company I did not know, but we used greet each other. The search for Dali was delightful. I thank you once again. There is no doubt regarding the scoring of the event. It’s 10, because I felt like a 10 mark, 10 because I started to greet 10 more people in the company (!) and 10 because it’s about Dali.


What happened on the weekend of 10-12 June 2011 was VERY COOL. Not only that the location was special (even the 290 steps to the restaurant), but Saturday’s activities were original and we had a lot of fun. The idea with the movie was a great one, the outcome – the movie – was the binder that united the team and that pushed us. The props was very good, we missed nothing, any problem that emerged had a solution. We received support from the organizers everywhere – shooting, dressing and montage, the EcoXtreme team being actually a part of the team and not just simple service providers J. The shooting team awarded the EcoXtreme the mark 10.5.

Florina Ungheanu, Accenture Services

We had fun in teambuilding at Lac de Verde. We played, we got entangled in detail, we did it, we relaxed on the grass, some of us made muscle fever, but we all enjoyed.

Raluca Bob, PR Specialist

We are a mature team and we have known each other for over 10 years. We were together in many teambuilding activities and I thought nothing would be new to us anymore. However, the Ecoextrem team managed to surprise us through dynamism, organization, joy and exercise that perfectly combines physical and intellectual activity. The Ecoxtrem teambuilding was characterized by the company’ s manager team as the best teambuilding in the last 9 years. Thank you for your commitment and for an unforgettable weekend, we felt really good!

Laura Busu

The whole event was very well organized and everyone was very pleased, both in the teambuilding day and also for the evening disco party.

Diana Sava, Promotion Responsible IPSO Agriculture

Together with the Ecoxtrem team, a teambuilding took place, with an attractive, active and fun scenario. Starting from the activities of the program, team cohesion, verification, development and valorization of the abilities of the team members of SAI Erste Asset Management were achieved. The good technical, material and human skills laid the basis for the teambuilding program, a program in which we, from SAI Erste Asset Management, left with a pleasant and changed impression related to our own person and the team we are part of. Congratulations to the Ecoxtrem team !! Super captivating, great atmosphere, something new, funny. Nearly full participation even though we were fatigued afterwards.

Lucretia Caldare, Assistant to the Manager SAI Erste Asset Management SA

I congratulate everyone for the successful event. Everyone was delighted with the organization to the slightest detail. Indoor and outdoor activities were balanced and focused so as to constantly capture the attention of the participants. The party was a real success! Thank you all for your efforts!

Madalina Carastoian, Call-center Manager

I want to thank the Ecoxtrem team for their involvement and the energy they have shown in organizing team-building events. For the professionalism they were showing, the adaptability to the group’s needs and the increased interest in safety conditions I strongly recommend them. Surely, we will ask for their services again.

Irina Bita

The Paltinis event was a complex event with sporting activities, thematic parties and, of the most importance, greening activities. Following this teambuilding, I can say that the Eneria Team has once again demonstrated that it is a solid, responsible team and communicates very well interdepartmentally. It is the third event organized with Ecoxtrem, who proved once again their professionalism and commitment. We can consider them part of our team. Good for you, team !!!

Magda Albu, Human Resources Analyst

We felt great! We have had a lot of dynamism but the activities have also called upon our logical and strategic thinking. We have learned how to coordinate ourselves to deal with unusual situations and at the end of the day we won together, as a team!

Echipa Departamentului Tehnic Antena 1

It was a pleasant event that we want to repeat on another occasion! The sensation is that it was over too quickly. Thanks to the trainers who have had patience with us! 🙂

Elena NASTASA, HR Generalist

The organization and the equipment were as by the textbook and the competitions were especially designed to strengthen the spirit of the teamand to know our own limits. And all in a wonderful natural landscape.

Echipa Auchan, Targu Mures

The teambuilding with the EcoXtrem team was an experience that offered us the curiosity of searching and the joy of discovering new and other places, as well as the satisfaction of cooperating to find the best solutions. We spent an unusual day in the company of our colleagues, being in a position to work together and find the best ways to communicate. We had fun and saw how it may be to spend a day together, a day without the formal coordinates we are used to.

Sorin Moncea, Senior Manager

I would like to send an official thank you to the team that organized the event. I was really impressed, and I am speaking on behalf of my entire family, with their skills, their engagement and willingness to support. The games organized have been very engaging, and this being mentioned by a person that does not like sport it is quite an achievement. Also, the attention they provided to the children and their ability to work with them, shows us that they are used to this type of events and are very good at it. Overall it was an extraordinary event, very well organized. We are looking forward for the next one.


Our “pirate” experience was like a fairy-tale! It was a full day, we did not feel the time passing between the competitions on the beach? I’m sure each of us came into play and had a great time. This day confirmed that we are a real team, both in the studios and outside them !! 🙂

Mihai, Studois, Antena 2

The ingredients of an unforgettable event: professional organizers, original ideas, first class team. The ingredient kept secret so far and making the difference is ECOXTREM!

Echipa PSP
+40 733 678 115 Request offer
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