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How many times has it happened that, instead of being productive, a meeting ended later than planned, without new ideas and rather bringing disappointment, due to internal conflicts and different behaviors within the team? Imagine a meeting where everyone knows the strengths and weaknesses of his/her colleagues, and in this way the team is more efficient, brings about innovation and contributes to the economic growth of the organization.

TTI DISC is the ideal assessment tool that provides valuable information at both individual and group levels. Although based on the well-known DISC skeleton, Target Training International’s tool reveals a much wider range of features for each assessed employee. Oms of the provided insights include the following: behavioral style, the added value that an individual/team brings to the company, effective communication strategies, descriptors of the ideal working environment (wherein an individual is able to perform at maximum capacity), motivational factors, the key to drive and manage the individual and many others.

The results of the TTI DISC are further strenghtened by 12 Driving Forces® – the assessment tool that succeeded to reveal the “why?” behind the individuals’ actions in the organization. Based on the research of the German psychologist, Eduard Spranger, the tool will highlight the most effective approaches that can be taken to get the best return from employees.

Together, the two tools will generate both objective outcomes, directly from individuals and also an action plan that an organization can follow for an maximized IOR (Internal Organization Rule-ROI) in terms of human resources.

* This is a Qualians product.

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