Ecoxtrem Travel is a travel agency specialized in organizing corporate events and providing all the necessary logistics.

The best proof are the succesful 6 years of experience as a tour operator and the over 200 events organized annually in the country and abroad.

Created to bring support the entire package of projects offered by Ecoxtrem, the travel agency will provide accommodation in the most suitable places.

We believe that the success of an event depends on good organizing process before and during the event.

Through Ecoxtrem Travel, whether it’s a teambuilding, a conference, seminars or business trips,

all the details of the event are determined in the most effective possible way.


The business travels are organized carefully, according to the budgets and policies developed by each company.

We offer corporate services, tailored to all the needs of our clients, therefore your journey can be a full success.

Whether it’s teambuilding, business meetings or business travels, Ecoxtrem consultants will provide you with the most appropriate Business Travel solutions. The attention to details, flexibility in addressing the customer, professionalism and experience are some of the aspects we use as guide when shaping the services offered.


Ecoxtrem Travel will take care of all the logistics and the full experience of the participants throughout your event!

Whether we are talking about internal or external events, annual conferences or general meetings, these must be organized to the smallest detail. We will take care of all the key components of the event: location, accommodation, buffet or transport, all of them will be on our list of responsibilities!


There are always simple, creative and impactful solutions through which you can thank your employees. Reward their work and devotion and offer them a moment of relaxation. Ecoxtrem knows how to prepare a special weekend for them. Whether you prefer Traditional, Family, Adventure or VIP, we are ready.

Come to discover what we’ve prepared for your team!


Trekking is a way to discover the world and get to know each other. People, adventure, adrenaline, all enrich us and delight our soul. The joy of a journey is directly based on the number of hours of research, reservations, many mails sent and many phone call – that’s why we provide our clients the chance to discover most beautiful mountain trails.

This is a different method of spending time with your fellow colleagues, while trying out new things with the team and taking advantage of the mountain’s beautiful trails.

Ecoxtrem trainers have already prepared the most spectacular expeditions and know every corner of the country worth visiting!


+40 733 678 115 Request offer
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