Harvard Business Publishing

With leading presence and extensive experience (over 100 years) in matters of Management & Leadership, constitutes a strategic partner of Being Essential in Greece and Romania for the implementation of flexible and quality educational programs aimed at business executives to maximize their performance and contribution to the achievement of corporate objectives. Through the exceptional expertise of Harvard Business Publishing and its internationally recognized e-learning programs, we help companies to successfully meet the challenges they face, to develop effectively and maximize their benefits.

The Harvard Academies are comprehensive development programs tailored to the profile of each company. They respond to demands and needs of large or smaller groups and aim to cover essential development needs, going beyond just training. At the same time, both the organization and the participants are able to understand their improvement and to recognize the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes through the simultaneous application in their daily lives.

They differ from ad hoc training programs especially because they deliver a blended learning experience. Blended Learning consists of the utmost efficient and up to date learning method. It combines the e-learning method with interactive workshops, as well as their advantages. Therefore, – among others – blended learning:

  • is cost effective
  • covers different learning styles and interests
  • can help match delivery to needs and objectives
  • provides the flexibility and convenience of an online course while retaining the benefits of the face-to-face classroom experience (team – bonding, high interactivity, practical implementation, participants’ engagement)

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